The Guest Blogger

I have a lot of friends that travel and go on some pretty crazy adventures. Most of them join me on my hikes and travels so you'll occasionally hear their names pop up from time to time on my regular blog posts. I thought it would be a great idea to get some of these friends to write about their various adventures... I give you ... The Guest Blogger! Hopefully we'll try to make this a pretty regular thing and we'll all hear some pretty good stories. Enjoy and give my special guests a round of applause.......

View towards Double Peak
Cummings Head Sunset
Mates on Cummings Head
The ascent of Federation Peak
Nude on Federation Peak
Precipitous Bluff view
Federation Peak Summit
Mowsr on the way to Frencmans Cap, 1997
About Me

My name's Matthew but my friends call me Mowser.


I've lived in Tasmania, Australia my entire life. I love the place and I love hiking. I believe Tassie has some of the best hiking/bushwalking in the world. I like to share this fact with my wife and four kids as well as our many friends by revealing to them this amazing landscape and what it has to offer.

I also like tech and hiking gear.

I created this site, to share my love of Tasmania, hiking and the gear required to complete my adventures. If you can't get to these places yourself then I hope this site provides you with some inspiration for what the Tasmanian Wilderness has to offer - It really is an incredible place! Enjoy!

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