Mt Murchison Daywalk

Written by Mowser

February 23, 2017

Arriving on the west coast a day early for Annual Adventure Weekend, John and I decided to take on Mt Murchison. We were hoping to walk a circuit – After summiting Mt. Murchison, we’d follow the ridge line down and around to Lake Sandra before dropping back down to Anthony road and walking the last few km back to the car along the road. The plan was to depart Launceston after dropping the kids off at school and arrive down at the trail head for a start mid morning. Everything ran like clock work and we were off and away. We arrived at the trail head and were off up the steep climb straight away. After a brief stint in some thick rainforest we were in the open after a short 15 minutes or so and on the rocky spurs and gullies leading up to the summit ridge.
I’ve always rated this as one of Tassie’s best day walks and today, even though misty, we weren’t disappointed. We climbed rapidly and before long were in thick mist that was keeping the top half of the mountain hidden. We trudged on through this and after about 1hr 20mins found ourselves on the summit ridge! We were a bit shocked as we hadn’t been pushing it too hard. As we arrived at the trig point on the fairly spectacular summit ridge, the mist and rain set in good and proper. We had a quick lunch then talked business. Our enthusiasm for continuing along the ridge line in the mist wasn’t enormous. After much too-ing and throw-ing we decided to leave that walk for another day. We finished up lunch, wiped off the spectacles, then headed back down the way we came. The weather continued with it’s precipitation and mist and after a very leisurely stroll down we were back at the car 4 hours after starting. We then got in the car and rolled on to the Rosebery Pub for a few quiet ones with some late arrivals in Greg and Troy before heading into the Tyndalls the next day. The pub put on a great feed and some poor quality 8-ball was witnessed. We retired that evening to the Rosebery Caravan park to ponder the next few days ahead.
STATS (Using Suunto Ambit3)
Time 3hrs 38mins
Distance 5.92km
Ascent 769m
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