Mt Patrick - May 14, 2018

With all the roadworks on the Midlands Highway, I had been making my regular drive to Hobart a bit more scenic by driving south via Highland Lakes Road. On this midweek trip, I figured I had enough time to make a quick jaunt up Mt Patrick beside Arthur's Lake (and still be in Hobart in time for a meeting).

So, I set off from Lonny and made the familiar trip up to the lakes. It was an absolutely magnificent Autumns day. Clear, blue sky and even a touch warm. After about an hour and a quarter I was at the home of the 'Keymaster' for the property on which Mt Patrick stands. I had a brief chat to the lady who loaned me the key and after some brief formalities (filling out a form/waiver to grant me access to the property) I was on my way.

After another very short drive (past the start to Mt Penny West), I arrived at the gate which I unlocked, then relocked. I then proceeded on the road to another gate (same process) and it was just a bit further on to the start of the walk. I parked at another locked gate (can't be unlocked) and then walked up the road a bit further before heading off road and uphill to the peak. (I had considered following the road around further for a shorter off track walk but this way looked quicker. I think both would be good options).

The weather remained magnificent and the walking was easy. I followed a line through scree and mixed low lying but sparse scrub to the tree covered peak. I arrived on the top 22 minutes from the car. Shorter than expected! After a brief stop on the very diminutive summit, I headed back arriving at the car to give a round trip of 38 minutes! I then quickly got chained into business attire for my meeting in Hobart which I made in good time. The caretaker was surprised to see me back so soon! Probably my easiest Abel to date!

Note: If you ever do this peak, it's good to know that the key can be collected on the way to the peak. You literally drive past the caretakers house on the way to the walk. Just call the caretakers on 03 62 598 204 and they're happy to help. Just make sure it's not hunting season or you may not be able to go. The caretaker can again inform you of this.


Time: 38 minutes

Distance: 2.20km

Ascent: 138m

Open scrub leads to the peak

On the way up through the nice scree fields

Summit of Mt Patrick. Another Abel down

The summit cairn on Mt Patrick

The route up Mt Patrick. Be careful not to keep driving along the road as you'll get further from the peak

Expanded view of map. Red circles indicate gates. The one near Mt Penny West is where you enter private land

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