Overland Track 2006 (Guiding)

One of my last trips as a guide on the overland track..

I worked as a guide on the Overland Track for Cradle Mountain Huts (now Tasmanian Walking Company) during the early 2000s and led nearly 40 trips down Tasmania's iconic Overland Track. I love this area. Below is a gallery of one of my last trips I did in my early years as a guide.

Mowsr on the way to Frencmans Cap, 1997
About Me

My name's Matthew but my friends call me Mowser.


I've lived in Tasmania, Australia my entire life. I love the place and I love hiking. I believe Tassie has some of the best hiking/bushwalking in the world. I like to share this fact with my wife and four kids as well as our many friends by revealing to them this amazing landscape and what it has to offer.

I also like tech and hiking gear.

I created this site, to share my love of Tasmania, hiking and the gear required to complete my adventures. If you can't get to these places yourself then I hope this site provides you with some inspiration for what the Tasmanian Wilderness has to offer - It really is an incredible place! Enjoy!

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