Quamby Bluff – 26th Feb 2019

Written by Mowser

February 28, 2019

To the disbelief of most of my friends, I had never attempted or completed a walk up Quamby Bluff. I had gazed on it so many times from various vantage points and other walks but never found the time to stop off on my way through the lakes to do the short day walk. Well, I found that opportunity the other day! A couple of German friends were keen for a day walk so this felt like the perfect opportunity. The last week of summer and another Abel beckoned.
We hit the road from Launceston and were walking by 10.15am. The weather was overcast but warm and I quickly worked up a sweat. The track was superb and we made quick progress through the lower forested section before hitting a scree slope. After a short climb through this we again entered some more forest. Due to the open-ness of the forest it would have been easy to head off the track at a couple of points so if you head up follow the well marked. track. Through the forest things steepened and it wasn’t long before we arrived on the top of the main peak. We traversed along the top for the last 20 minutes or so before arriving at the trig point on the summit after 1hr 45mins.
It was still cloudy but sunny. We could see Cradle Mountain out the the west as well as some good views along the Western Tiers and Meander Valley. It was good to be here. We had a bite to eat and took our time for some photos on top as well as just taking in the serenity. We were on top about 45 minutes. Eventually, we decided it was time to go and headed back down the same way. We made quicker time heading down and were back at the car 3 hours 45 minutes after departing. All in all a great walk which I’ll have to take the kids on some time!
Time 3hrs 45mins
Distance 6.83km
Ascent 572m

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