Useful Links

Here's a few useful websites that I refer to regularly;


The Abels, a concept created by Bill Wilkinson - I first bought a book called 'The Abels - Volume 1' in the late 1990s'. I have bought every new addition since and it is a constant resource I refer to. You can buy the books at any good bookshop. Otherwise, check out their website.

Great source of general bushwalking talk and info

If you want to read about one crazy hiker then follow Cam Honan. His blog converted me to an semi-ultralight hiker and he's done some amazing stuff. Check it out;

Zane has done all of the Abels, and in record time. This is a 'go to' source of info for me if i'm taking on a new Abel;

Great source of Tassie walk info and great notes and photos. Rockmonkey does a lot of hiking;

I love history and especially bushwalking history. If you want to see how they did it tough back in the day then read some of Keith Lancaster's meticulous hiking notes. Just incredible!

Before I buy any new gear, I check this website out first;

Louis-Phillipe Loncke is a pretty Mad Belgian and a great explorer. Been lucky enough to spend some time with him. In 2018 he completed a walk from the north coast of tassie to the south coast of Tassie. Oh, and it was in winter and he carried all of his food and fuel for the entire trip, starting with 65kg!! Read about it here;

I use a Suunto Spartan Ultra watch on all my treks these days. Their route planning software is pretty cool;

Great source of gear in Australia. These guys will refund you if it doesn't fit and i've never had an issue;

This is a good reference point when trying to decide on gear weights. While it is an online shop, you can sort items by weight.

View towards Double Peak
Cummings Head Sunset
Mates on Cummings Head
The ascent of Federation Peak
Nude on Federation Peak
Precipitous Bluff view
Federation Peak Summit
Mowsr on the way to Frencmans Cap, 1997
About Me

My name's Matthew but my friends call me Mowser.


I've lived in Tasmania, Australia my entire life. I love the place and I love hiking. I believe Tassie has some of the best hiking/bushwalking in the world. I like to share this fact with my wife and four kids as well as our many friends by revealing to them this amazing landscape and what it has to offer.

I also like tech and hiking gear.

I created this site, to share my love of Tasmania, hiking and the gear required to complete my adventures. If you can't get to these places yourself then I hope this site provides you with some inspiration for what the Tasmanian Wilderness has to offer - It really is an incredible place! Enjoy!

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