Useful Links

Here’s a few of the websites that I refer to regularly..

As I have a wide range of interests, these are broken down into categories. Click on the website title to check it out.

Bushwalking/Hiking websites

If you don’t know it already, I’m working on ‘ticking off’ all of the peaks known as ‘Abels’ in Tasmania. This website details the Abels and was created by the visionary behind the concept, Bill Wilkinson. If you are interested in Tasmanian bushwalking, then Bill’s books are a must own. Buy them at all good bookstores or on the website. To find out more about the Abels check out my page here.

A Tasmanian blog by Abellists, Bender and Xing. These guys do some great videos and blogs on The Abels.

Probably Australia’s best bushwalking forum. Well setup and a good place to go and ask questions be it in regards to gear, walks or just general information..

The blog of legendary thru hiker, Cam Honan. I often use this as a source of, not only inspiration, but also gear recommendations. I have often bought quality, weight saving gear based on Cam’s blog posts and reviews.

I am a big history buff and especially love reading of Tasmanian history. This website shows us what the early pioneers went through when bushwalking in Tassie from as early as 1931. Keith Lancaster was a truly remarkable individual and ventured to places many rarely do now. An amazing historical compilation.

An amazing mapping resource for Tasmania. Heaps of functionality and map overlays for all areas of the state as well as high resolution satellite imagery. I use this almost daily.

The man affectionately known in Tasmania as ‘The Mad Belgian’. Amongst many other crazy firsts and adventures, Louis has traversed Tasmania twice from north to south. I had the pleasure of transporting him back to Launceston after his last winter trip. A unique individual, his feats are legendary!

Before purchasing any new hiking gear, I always visit this website first to see if it’s been reviewed and whether or not I should be looking at another item.

The blog of Tasmanian bushwalker and blogger, Rock Monkey. A great source of information when I’m prepping for a walk.

This is a great tool when I’m heading out on day walks. I find it fairly accurate and reliable.