About Me

Mowser on the summit of Walled Mountain in Tasmania's DuCane Range

My name’s Matthew but like all of my friends you can call me Mowser. I grew up in Tasmania, Australia and love everything about the place. The hiking in Tasmania is incredible.  I’ve been wandering around the mountains of this island state for about 30 years now.

In 2018 I made a resolution to write about it as well as publish all of the photos I have taken over the years . It’s taken a while and I now make every effort to write about every trip I go on.

More recently I have started to focus on my growing YouTube channel. I've always had a passion for filming my adventures. I love video editing, tech and researching all the gear I need for my adventures so figured I should might as well share some of this knowledge!

I travel and hike regularly – My hikes can last from one day up to a regular 10 day trip each year but I have spent as long as 25 days in the wilderness.

On this blog, I also write about my various travels in and outside of Australia with my wife and four kids.

I'm also happy to offer any advice or tips but be sure to check out my YouTube Channel first as I put most of my tips on there!

I hope you enjoy.



Tasmania, April 2023