Mt Anne - December 2002

December 16, 2002
Extended Walks
Walk Date:
August 12, 2002
Walk Distance (km):
Total Ascent (metres):
Walk Time:
3 days

It was time to head back out to Mt. Anne. I hadn't seen Beggsy for a year since our trip to Africa. He was now back in Australia and keen to hit the track in Tassie. Mt Anne was calling. This would be fourth trip to the Mt Anne area after a successful trip in 2001. Beggsy and I borrowed my little brothers Holden Barina and headed for lake Pedder.

Day 1

Drove to Lake Pedder from Hobart. Headed first to Red Tape Creek and hid my mountain bike. Then drove back to Condominium Creek and started to walk. We had good conditions and were up on the Eliza plateau after a few hours. We forged on ahead and made it to the Shelf Camp turn off in plenty of time. We dumped packs then headed on up to the summit of Mt Anne. The weather was great and from the top we had great views. My second successful trip to the peak in a row! After a while on top, we went back down to Shelf camp for one of the better campsite views in Tassie. A great day!

Day 2

We woke early for what we expected to be a long day around to Lake Picone. The weather again was been kind so we enjoyed the views as we headed along the narrow ridge joining the Eliza plateau to Mt Lot. We followed the shelves along until we approached the steep descent into the Notch. The notch is a fairly infamous part of the Mt Anne circuit but it was no troubles. We did haul packs up but all was well. After another half hour we sat atop of Mt. Lot for lunch. We relaxed here for a while and then went forwards and down Lightning Ridge, gradually descending to our second nights campsite beside Lake Picone. Another great days walking.

Day 3

Today saw us wake up early and head out with the customary side trip up Mt Sarah Jane. A pleasant walk out followed by a quick bike ride back to grab the car! A great 3 day trip! Celebratory beers were had a Knopwoods that evening!

A random collection of photos caught on an old point and shoot 35mm film camera:

Peaks Climbed

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A few photos from the Walk

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My name’s Matthew but like all of my friends you can call me Mowser. I grew up in Tassie and love everything about the place. The hiking in Tasmania is incredible.  I’ve been wandering around the mountains of the island state for over 20 years. In 2018 I made a resolution to write about it as well as publish all of the photos I have taken over the years . It’s taken a while and I now make every effort to write about every trip I go on. I travel and hike regularly – be it day walks or for a week or more. I also write about my various travels in and outside of Australia with my wife and four kids. I hope you enjoy….

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