Overland Track - Feb 1999

April 2, 1999
Extended Walks
Walk Date:
April 2, 1999
Walk Distance (km):
Total Ascent (metres):
Walk Time:
4 days

This was my second trip down the Overland track. It is a trip done in late January/early February of 1999. With my mates, Beaui (first real bush walk) and Beggsy, we headed down the Overland track for a quick 3 nighter. Beaui was a bit of a novice and wore his 1984 green and gold tracksuit! He also kept producing fresh sandwiches the entire trip from tupperware containers. His mum had made all of these for him prior to departure. A very entertaining trip!

Day 1 - Waldheim to Waterfall Valley

Day 2 - Waterfall Valley to New Pelion

Day 3 - New Pelion to Windy Ridge (including side trip up Mt Ossa in thick mist)

Day 4 - Windy Ridge to Narcissus and ferry out, then back to Launceston.

Gallery below.

Peaks Climbed


A few photos from the Walk

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